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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




Exciting Times Ahead

Kate Knight

Since mid-December life has been very hectic, which is great. The studio at the MCDC was busy over Christmas and many of my new products, especially my table mats and mugs, were very well received. It was a great feeling having to reorder stock only a week after I had started selling it. The studio also had an extra buzz as Michelle Keeling and Gemma Truman had moved in to share with me. It was great for them to be introduced to the MCDC at this busy time. I have enjoyed getting to know them and having their company in the studio was a real treat.

I have loved working at the MCDC, but things in my life are changing. We are all slightly apprehensive of change, but I am very excited about this new stage in my career. I’m going to be moving house soon, as my husband has recently got a new job. This means that, unfortunately, I can no longer work at the MCDC. I will miss the friends I have made whilst working in the studio and I’ll also miss having direct contact with visitors to the centre. I always loved getting compliments about my work from customers. I will stay in touch with the centre because I had a really enjoyable two years there. I am, however, very excited about now having more time to create new design ranges. I’m in the process of finishing off two commissions for wedding invitations, which I have really enjoyed working on. Once these have been sent to the printers I will start producing new artwork for my portfolio. I am actually writing this blog post on the train to London, as I head for the Top Drawer exhibition. I am looking forward to doing some research and getting inspiration for my next colourful creations.