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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




Mum's the word

Kate Knight

PINK TULIPS – Design Ref. 2660

I have been working on a range of Mother’s Day cards, so I thought it would be a great idea to write a blog post on 'Mums'.

I have really enjoyed designing images for Mother’s Day, as it made me consider how important a mum is in every child’s life. When I was thinking about the style of card I wanted to produce I immediately asked myself the question “what would my mum like?” My mum is definitely the person in my life who has the most style. (My apologies to any of my extremely stylish friends who are reading this – I don’t need to name you, you know who you are!)

I have been doing lots of research on Mother’s Day cards over the last few weeks and a lot of the designs I looked at could be described as being quite “twee”. I decided not to go down this route because I wanted to design images that reflected my own mum’s personality, images that were bright and stylish.

Some mums would love anything their daughter designed, but this is absolutely NOT the case when it comes to my mum. She tends to “shoot from the hip” when assessing my work. I can take umbrage at some of her comments on occasions and I often instinctively stand up for myself. However, I usually end up agreeing with her and make the changes to my designs that she has suggested. I have to be honest and say that 99% of the time (no mum, not a 100%) I end up with a better design once I have made the alterations.

I would like to thank my mum for my creative talents (I’m sure I inherited them from her and not my dad – sorry dad). It’s great to know that if I get my mum's approval on a design, then I am onto a winner. She tells me she approves of my new Mother’s Day images (thank goodness for that). If you would like to review the artwork you can do so by viewing it HERE.

I want to finish off this post by showing you something I saw last week. It made me think of the very person I am talking about.