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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




Wedding Invitation Commissions

Kate Knight

This week my blog is about wedding invitation commissions. I have created various friends’ wedding invites over the years, and I have always loved doing this. I really enjoyed creating stationery for my own wedding last year and the experience actually gave me an insight into what my clients are looking for. I am working on two wedding invitations at the moment. The style of each invite is completely different and it is really good working back and forward between both of them. I think it is important to sometimes leave a design alone and come back to it the next day. If you spend too long on an image sometimes you don’t see it as clearly as you should. Working with different clients and finding out what style of invite they require is teaching me a lot. It is so important to listen to what your customer wants and not just create something you would like yourself. The longer you are in this job the more you realise that listening to your client’s needs and wants is actually as important as creating the artwork itself.

The way I work is (1) I meet the client to find out what they would like, (2) I quickly produce a few roughs and e-mail the images across to them, (3) I have a chat over the phone or, if possible, in person so I can find out what they like and dislike about the roughs, (4) I then can make a start on what will be the final design, (5) I keep my client updated and e-mail the design over in stages to get their comments as I go along, (6) I finalise the design and prepare the file for submission to the printer.

I am afraid I can’t show you the invitations I am working on at the moment as they aren’t quite complete yet (also, it is very important that  my clients are the first people to see them). However, here are the invitations I created for my own wedding and some from past clients. If you have any friends who are getting married I would love to work with them to create a bespoke design for their invites.