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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




What Sells?

Colin Knight

Why does one design sell more than others?

If we knew the answer to this question we would all make a fortune. I love working at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, as it allows me to interact with the end user. I watch what images people are attracted to and try and understand what makes that design more commercially successful than the one sitting next to it.

My best selling cards are:-

I think this tree design sells best because of its colour. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours. I also feel that the symmetry of the tree adds to the beauty of design.

The cat design always seems to sell very well. Why is this? Cats are beautiful creatures and popular household pets. I also believe that the colour combination works very well. The use of orange and blue in this design is complimentary.

So what do you learn from this? Until recently, symmetry was not a common theme in my work. I am now using it far more often and successfully. You can do this too. I am also planning on integrating turquoise into my palette on a more regular basis.

It is also interesting to discover the main types of people that my designs appeal to. I have clearly noticed that many central Europeans are attracted to my style of artwork due to the bright colours. When I get chatting to my customers, I often find that they are from France, Italy or Spain.

All this information is extremely valuable for the progression of my business. I want to thank the Manchester Craft and Design Centre for giving me the opportunity to become a resident maker and artist. I might one day have to move to hotter climates and produce turquoise tree and cat images all day long, but for the moment I am very happy in rainy Manchester.