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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




Studio 26 at MCDC

Kate Knight

Michelle Keeling and Gemma Truman are two new artists who have recently moved into Studio 26 at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. I’ve had a great couple of weeks getting to know them and I’ve found it such a pleasure, and it's been unbelievably easy, working alongside them.

Michelle creates a unique range of contemporary kiln formed glass products. These include items of jewellery, interior accessorises, wall panels, architectural glass and corporate art.

Gemma is a blown glass artist who makes stunning pieces of art glass. Her work can be seen in giftware products, interior accessories and glass installations.

Michelle took a lot of inspiration from the environment she found herself in when visiting a glacier in New Zealand. Following her trip she began working with broken pieces of glass that reminded her of ice. Further experimentation gradually led to the style she works in today.

Gemma’s work is heavily influenced by colour, nature and light. She strives to capture all the beauty she sees in these various elements and build them into her work.

Both artists are happy to carry out private and corporate commissions.

Here are links to the websites belonging to both Michelle Keeling and Gemma Truman.

Both artists are obviously very career focused and are perfect additions to the MCDC. They have fitted in so well and are really enjoying getting to know everyone. Here’s hoping they don't get too annoyed with my Chris Evans and radio two obsession – it will pass eventually!

Here are examples of the type of work that can be produced by both artists:-

Michelle Keeling- Blue Oxide Platter

Michelle Keeling- Blue Oxide Platter

Gemma Truman - Mini Kiota

Gemma Truman - Mini Kiota