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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




Social Media

Colin Knight

I have used social media for a number of years now, but like many artists, not enough! Recently I have been tweeting three or four times a day, putting 2 or 3 posts on Facebook, and also using Instagram.

Why the change of heart?

The main reason is that I am integrating a shop into my website. I feel that using social media now has a purpose for me. Previously, I wanted to spend my time creating new artwork rather than learning how to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, etc. - there are so many of them! However, now I know that the only way I am going to get a large amount of people to know about my shop is through the use of social media.

It has given me a different outlook, and I realise I don’t have to tell everyone what I am having for my dinner. I can make my tweets fun, educational, relate to my work and allow people to get to know me.

How cute are baby #pandas? How many can you count?

I think #parks are so important! There is nothing better than being outdoors.

There is no better way than social media to get your message in front of millions of people 24/7. It is used to spread a company’s message for free. Each social platform offers an array of tools that enables a business to deliver specific content to a very specific target group.

I never thought I‘d say this but I am having fun with social media. I am thinking ‘why didn’t I do more of this ages ago’. Both my dad and my husband will be so happy to hear this - they were right - but don’t let them know!