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Kate Knight - a young Scottish designer producing high quality artwork using a vivid and positive style.




How Other Interests Benefit My Artwork

Kate Knight

In the good old days my main focus was my career. I am not saying that this has changed, but having a more mature head on my shoulders now makes me realise that if I spend every hour god sends at my computer designing new artwork I'll go slightly crazy and probably - no definitely – not produce my best designs. Getting inspiration from other sources is a must.

I now have a much more balanced life. I am in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre four days a week, which means my day is much more varied. My time is split between creating new artwork, making cards and prints and chatting to customers. I enjoy each aspect of my day and I feel my artwork has benefited from all these factors.

If I am finding a design difficult it is good that I can take a wee brake and make some products to sell, or talk to visitors in the studio. I feel it is very important to get feedback from the end user about my work, so I learn a lot from chatting to customers.

On a Monday I have decided to go to a calligraphy class. I love this and it is a great start to the week. It is not drawing but I feel that what I am learning from calligraphy can be used in my artwork. In class they talk about rhythm and consistency, which I feel will be in the back of my mind now when creating new designs.

The other thing I am spending more time on is social media. This is great for all the reasons I mentioned in my last post, but it also allows me have a look at what fellow artists are up to. For example, I love keeping up to date with designers such as Berni Parker, I find her artwork a real treat. This gives me motivation and inspiration. It also gives me a feeling that I am part of a community.

Another thing I do, which I feel also helps my artwork, is keeping fit. I enjoy running (most of the time), Pilates and Spinning. I feel that when I go out for a run it can clear my head. When I am running I think about work, about what I have to get done, about how can I make that design better. And for some reason running makes me think about things in a much more focused way.

I would love to be creating new beautiful artwork like there was no tomorrow, but I realise this isn’t possible. A more varied life is a good life.

Artwork by Berni Parker

Artwork by Berni Parker